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College-Club @ Grachtenfestival

Docent: Dan Hassler-Forest

College - College-Club @ Grachtenfestival

Thu 15 August 2019 18:30 - 23:59

For the fifth year in a row, College-Club and the Grachtenfestival have set up an exhilerating evening - starting with a multimedia lecture called ‘Girl Power! The New Heroes of Hollywood’, followed by a boat trip, an open air concert and drinks!


‘Girl Power! The New Heroes of Hollywood’

Just a few years ago, buying a ticket to an action- or adventure movie meant buying a ticket to a ‘guy movie’: a film that was centered around men, and where women mostly played a decorative part. Today, a lot has changed, as female heroes play an increasingly prominent role in our popular culture: from The Hunger Games and the new Star Wars movies to Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman. How has this shift been established? What does this mean for social debates about gender equality? And does it mean that the problems surrounding negative stereotyping and sexism are finally being solved? This lecture is an ode to the female action hero, in which we take a good look at the historical and societal factors that have contributed to this change.


6.30pm - 7.00pm      Walk-in & drinks @ Compagnietheater
7.00pm - 8.15pm      Lecture 'Girl Power! The New Heroes of Hollywood' by dr. Dan Hassler-Forest
8.15pm - 8.30pm      Boarding the boats
8.30pm - 9.00pm      Navigate to Hotel de l'Europe
9.00pm - 10.00pm    Open air concert Grachtenfestival ‘Peter Beets & the Henk Meutgeert New
                                 Jazz Orchestra Ft. Anna Serierse’
10.00pm - 10.15pm  Navigate to the Compagnietheater
10.15pm - end          Live music @ Compagnietheater

Please note that the lecture will be taught in English!

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College-Club @ Grachtenfestival