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Contemporary Art @ Sotheby's

Docent: Boris Cornelissen

College - Contemporary Art @ Sotheby's

Thu 7 June 2018 20:00 - 21:45

Priceless! The value of contemporary art. For most people art belongs in a museum, yet for some it is purely an investment vehicle that never leaves the warehouse in which it is stored. Academics often approach art from a philosophical standpoint, whereas many collectors are simply impulsive buyers of objects that they are attracted to. There are many different ways of looking at art, all of which play a role in the construction of its financial, cultural and social values. How are these different values are constructed? How do they influence each other? And how are they sometimes not aligned – for example with works that have a high amount of cultural or social value, but little financial value?


Note: this lecture will be held in English

  • Kunst/Architectuur
Contemporary Art @ Sotheby